What is a CFI?

CFI is a new type of equity derivative security representing an investment in a company, consisting of a contract or agreement between an entity, and its founders, funders, and other participants.

CFI stands for Convergent Financial Instrument™.

This form of security brings all contributors into convergence.

  • Convergence of goals
  • Convergence of value
  • Convergence of timing
  • Convergence of gains
It defines the win-win scenario, and incarnates it into an easily executable set of documents. A fully flexible, reduced risk, anytime funding plan results. Setting entrepreneurs free to execute on their vision, and setting investors free to capitalize on early and seed stage opportunities more quickly, without being locked into a fixed valuation scheme. Entrepreneur and Investor truly become partners, and higher success rates result.

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CFI Capital for Seed Round Funding


Convergence is an exciting word, especially when it speaks of the convergence of vision, opportunity and funding.

Entrepreneurs bring vision; identifying opportunities, and clarifying how to get a product or service launched to take advantage of the opportunity. They also bring the ability to execute. Investors bring funds, which amplify the impact of the vision, and compound the execution. This kind of convergence brings results. Markets are formed, products or services defined, designs completed, commerce happens, profits result, companies are built, and lives are enhanced. This is good stuff.

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CFI Capital for Fund Raising, Pre A Round, and Angel Investors